Xiamen BJJ logoAn early incarnation of Xiamen BJJ was founded by Reginald Flint. The club had been closed for some time and when Keith Lamb moved out of smog infested Beijing to Xiamen, Reggie and Keith decided to partner up to revive the club. The club has had some tumultuous times moving from one location to another. For a year, the regular location was the beach.

Eventually, Reg and Keith met up with Lily from the Yoga village who provided a permanent location to train out of. With a solid location the club, just as before could continue to be run as a charity. Free Jiujitsu was provided four times a week to anyone who wanted to train and receive the life changing gift that Jiujitsu offers. Through the years of dedication providing Jiujitsu to the community both Reggie and Keith, who both had over ten years of Jiujitsu experience sacrificed their own belt promotions for the good of Xiamen. However, the bonds of friendship created were the richest reward for the monetary and belt promotion sacrifice.

This gift provided the impetus for setting up the current club in its current location along a business model so that the club could grow and promote itself. Xiamen BJJ teamed up with Ze Marcello’s ‘Icon team’ under black belt Thomas Fan from Hong Kong.