Keith Lamb

Keith started training Judo martial arts when he was 7 and most of his early martial arts career was spent rolling with friends in the playground. After dabbling with Muay Thai and cage fighting he settled on BJJ as his main martial art which he has been training for 15 years.

A BJJ nomad, Keith has trained in various locations around the world spending. He started training BJJ but also spent significant time at the Abu Dhabi combat club. After moving to China Keith trained for a number of years in Beijing training under Pedro Sauer’s black belt Chet Quint while also making regular trips to Taiwan to train under Makoto Ogasawara. Keith our resident head instructor is a purple belt under Ze Marcello’s Hong Kong’s black belt Professor Thomas Fan.

Having had an eclectic experience Keith draws his inspiration for his BJJ from many angles. Keith emphasises both gi and nogi training as being equally important for developing an all-round good grappling game. While teaching BJJ Keith also cross trains in Muay Thai so that his jiujitsu technique stays faithful to self-defence combat situations.

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Rustam is our Muay Thai head instructor who also trains BJJ. He has had numerous professional Muay Thai fights and remained Siberian champion undefeated for several years.

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